Amara Gel CPAP Mask

Enjoy a restful sleep with the Amara Gel Nasal Mask from Philips Respironics.

With advanced gel technology from Philips Respironics.

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Superficie MascarillaNaso-Bucal
Material MascarillaGel
Mínimo ContactoNo

More comfort and better sleep is what defines the Amara Gel mask. The cushion consists of a soft gel, which together with its light weight, is one of the best solutions for patients.

Much softer than its predecessor

The Amara Gel nasal mask is 50% softer than the original Amara mask, as it has improved the comfort of the most sensitive areas with gel, such as the bridge of the nose.

Decreased pressure points

Now you can say goodbye to the pain, as the cushion is equipped with a flexible gel that reduces pressure at certain points of support. This way, sleep is much more comfortable.

Exceptionally light

Made up of a gel cushion, the Amara Gel nasobuccal mask is one of the lightest on the market, making it easy to fit quickly.

Increased sealing

With the latest patented Philips Respironics gel technology, the Amara Gel Nasal Mask Cushion more precisely fits the contours of the face, providing exceptional sealing.

Easy choice of size

You can easily choose the size of the Amara Gel nasobuccal mask yourself. To do this, simply place the face as indicated on the meter itself or measure the distance from the bottom of the lip to the bridge, taking into account the following measurements:

  • Size P measured up to 8 cm.
  • Size S measures between 8 and 9
  • Size M measures between 9 and 10
  • Size L: size L: measure more than 10 cm.

Mask Hygiene

For longer mask life, the mask is easily removed and should be washed with soapy water:

Interchangeable parts

All sizes of Amara Gel nasal mask cushions are interchangeable between the frames.


  • Lightweight structure and small size.
  • Connection between tube and elbow that rotates 360º.
  • Very quiet thanks to the exhalation microorifices.
  • Interchangeable cushion with the original Amara.
  • The mounting of the pad is done with a single click.
  • With 10 different positions the fit of the mask is much more precise, favouring a better seal.
  • Easy to fit and adjust by the side clips.


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Ratings and comments from our customers

La silicona se rajó al manipularla para secarla tras su lavado diario. No hay garantía, te dirán que es mal uso y 150 € a la basura.

Gracias de nuevo Manuel por tu comentario. Sentimos que no quedaras satisfecho tras la conversación telefónica mantenida anteriormente. Por nuestra parte quisimos consultar directamente con el fabricante la rotura de la membrana de la mascarilla para lavarla tal como haces y enviamos las fotografías que previamente nos enviaste. Tanto el fabricante (Philips) como en el manual que acompaña a la mascarilla, se especefican los cuidados que deben aplicarse para prolongar la vida útil de la misma. Incluso con el fin de proporcionarte el mejor servicio, te ofrecimos un descuento para la almohadilla y que amablemente denegaste; a su vez te informamos que este tipo de producto no se puede cambiar ni devolver salvo esté defectuoso de fábrica, ya que son artículos de uso personal. De nuevo sentimos que la mascarilla no fuera de tu agrado e insistimos que puedes contactar con nosotros siempre que lo necesites.

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Excelente. Gran comodidad y adaptabilidad al rostro

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