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  • Physiotherapy and...

    What can you find in this section?:

    • EXERCISERS: Devices to start your muscles, from electronic pedals to the IMT Threshold.
    • ELECTRO-STIMULATION/TENS: For the treatment of pain and muscle recovery.
    • SECRECTIONS REMOVAL: From a negative pressure secretion aspirator to the Threshold PEP.
  • Fisioterapia Respiratoria
  • Monitoring and control

    What can you find in this section?:

    • FLOW METERS: Peak Flow Personal Best. Keep asthma under control.
    • OXIMETERS: Several options to know the amount of Oxygen in your blood.
    • POLYGRAPHERS: A screening with Sleeping UK or a polygraph with StarDust to diagnose Sleep Apnea.
    • TENSIOMETERS: Wrist or arm. Control your blood pressure.
    • THERMOMETERS: Digital thermometer for the ear or forehead.
    • FETAL MONITORS: Baby Sound, so that you and whoever you want can hear your baby's heartbeat as you hear it in the gynaecology practice.
  • Ayuda alimentación