REVISIONWe notify you of the date on which you must perform the review
TuTratamiento organizes the collection for freexx
We return the equipment in your home for free
We review the equipment (1 year after purchase)xx
We give you 5 Salter nasal glasses free (worth € 24.74)xx
We leave you a replacement hub during the reviewxx
REPARACIÓNYour Treatment coordinates the repair
We organize the collection grauitamentexx
We leave you a replacement hub for the duration of the repairx
We return the equipment after the repair at home for free
REPURCHASEGarantía de recompraxx

BÁSICA: They do not have any additional cost, so the breakdowns and repairs would be processed and charged as usual. 
PREMIUM: Focused mainly for those who want to cover the backs if the equipment is broken, we would give replacement. 
DELUXE: Focused for those who want to be completely covered during the revision / repair, because we would give a replacement team and we would give him 5 Salter. In addition, it would have the repurchase guarantee. 
4LIFE: Focused for those who want to be covered regardless of what happens: replacement equipment during the revision / repair, repurchase guarantee and equipment with a lifetime guarantee.

To consider

Review of the equipment in BÁSICA 
Cost € 180 and is managed as usual: the client is informed and if he accepts it, he has to pay by transfer to be collected, received and checked (external cleaning, change of internal and external filter, oxygen purity check and measurement of hours). The old filters are returned. If a fault was detected, it would go to ST and it would be informed giving it a budget in case the piece to change is not in warranty.

Repairs in BÁSICA:

  • The best thing is that the client sends it, but if you prefer that we pick it up we have to inform you that the total cost of the collection and delivery is € 40. This amount is charged together with the repair budget (parts and labor).
  • Repair conditions: identify that it really is a fault before making any decision
  • Equipment is less than 1 month old: the whole equipment is changed, that is, a box is taken from the warehouse and it is sent with all the accessories; The customer must deliver the box he received at the beginning with all the accessories. No additional cost for the client.
  • Equipment has between 1 month and 3 months: you only change the hub and no accessories; we send the equipment, the transport company delivers a package and the customer has to return their packaged equipment. No additional cost for the client.
  • Team has more than 3 months: the client has to send it, but if you prefer that we pick it up we have to inform you that the total cost of collection and delivery is € 40. This amount is charged together with the repair budget (parts and labor).

A team of similar characteristics will be offered, this means that it is possible that the client receives a team of lower or higher category than the one he has (example: he has a G3 but can receive a G2).As much as possible, we will try to make it the same.

Salter gift: 
In the Deluxe and 4Life review you will be given 5 units of Salter. If the client wants to try MV glasses, 1 Salter can be exchanged for 2 MV.

Repurchase guarantee: 
In Deluxe and 4Life we ​​guarantee the purchase of the equipment from the customer, provided that it works correctly and is in perfect condition (without scratches or damages). The client must take charge of the shipment to our facilities and will be given an indicative price (€ 500). Only after receiving and checking the concentrator can we give you a final price. We have the right to forego the repurchase and if the client would like to pick up the equipment again, he would be responsible for all the expenses.

Lifetime warranty: 
We guarantee all the services that are offered: free revisions and repairs, free nasal glasses in each revision, substitution equipment, etc.