Do you feel tired and sleepless even after a whole night's sleep? fall asleep easily during the day? spend the night snoring? have problems with concentration, irritability, headaches, etc.? Then, you may have Sleep Apnea, also known as SAHS.

Although the symptoms of Sleep Apnea are many, it is mainly characterized by loud snoring that interrupts sleep, accompanied by breathing pauses or shortness of breath and choking.

If you think you may have Sleep Apnea, you can take this simple TEST to assess your risk. 

If the test result is positive and you prefer to consult a specialist, you can choose between the different clinics with which collaborates: Madrid, Málaga, Cuenca, Sevilla and Valencia. 


Sleep Apnea is a disease that can cause serious heart problems and even accidents. At we recommend that you visit Dr. Rafael Martínez Cruz of the medical group of Clínica Neumología y Alergía Asociados, S.L. Here you will find a great team of experts specialized in Respiratory Home Therapies.

The priority of Clínica Neumología y Alergía Asociados, S.L. is to guarantee a good experience during the whole process as well as a long relationship with the professionals who make up its medical team. 

In addition all its services are totally oriented towards private patients, who, together with the health insurance companies, share the same objectives in terms of quality of care.

The wide range of diagnostic procedures available in the outpatient setting, such as action and membership of prestigious Hospital Centres, complements the care of our patients in the practical totality of their respiratory processes.

You can find Dr. Rafael Martinez Cruz of Clínica Neumología y Alergía Asociados, S.L in Paseo de la Habana, 62 bajo A or at the telephone number 915 632 639.


A.I.R.S.A.H.S in Madrid

If you still do not have a diagnosis issued by a sleep specialist, offers you the possibility of being evaluated by a Pneumology Specialist and a Cardiology Specialist.

  • The Cardiologist will evaluate your cardiovascular risk profile through clinical assessment and physical examination, analytical profile, ECG and echocardiogram.
  • The pulmonologist will perform a complete history and physical examination, specific questionnaires and respiratory functional examination.

If after the evaluation the doctor at the A.I.R.S.A.H.S. Clinic considers it appropriate, a Sleep Study will be recommended, which is carried out without long waiting lists and without discomfort.

A technician will come to your home to deliver and adjust your equipment during the afternoon prior to the study night. In the morning the same technician will pick up the polygraph and send the data to the Pneumologist for evaluation.

After the analysis of the study will indicate the necessary treatmentwhich can provide you immediately.

INSTITUTE OF SLEEP MEDICINE in Cuenca, Valencia and Murcia

Most affected people do not know they have SAHS. To check if you have this condition, you can do a free self-assessment to see if you are sleeping well or if you have any other sleep-related problems.

You can also contact the Institute of Sleep Medicine, where they have a team of doctors, psychologists and experts in this specialty.

The work method of Dormir Bien is different and effective, thanks to the new personalized sleep medicine and specialized consultations, both in person and at a distance, 24 hours a day. In addition, they will carry out all possible tests and treatments, checks and follow-ups on your progress.

The goal of Sleep Well is to take care of your sleep, because better sleep is health.

You can find the Institute of Sleep Medicine in different parts of Spain:

  • CUENCA: Avenida San Julián, 3, Esc-2, 5ªH - 16002 - Cuenca - Telephone: 658 638 743).
  • VALENCIA: Hospital Casa de Salud in Avenida Manuel Candela, 41 - 46021 - Valencia - Telephone: 963 897 700).
  • MURCIA: Alameda de los Tristes, s/n - 30800 - Murcia - Tel.: 968 468 600).

If you would like to make an appointment, you can call 644 199 883 or if you prefer to make an appointment, call 807 464 165.


If you are looking for a medical centre for comprehensive care of respiratory diseases in Malaga and you suffer from Sleep Apnea, you can find the help you need in Neumomálaga, with Dr. Mercedes Martín Romero.

They specialize in providing quality care for patients with acute or chronic respiratory problems.

Neumomálaga has different hospital centres in which the best facilities and the most advanced technology are available for those patients who require hospitalisation or must carry out a specific invasive technical test.

You will find Dra. Mercedes Martín Romero de la Clínica Neumomálaga in the street José Denis Belgrano number 19 2nd floor. Consultation hours are every Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm by appointment. You can also contact us by phone (635 255 732) or email (


If you still do not have a diagnosis offers you the possibility of being evaluated by a Sleep Disorders Specialist at the Buhaira Clinic.

If you will need it, the doctor in charge of your case will recommend a Sleep study.

After the analysis of the study will indicate the necessary treatment, which can provide you immediately.